Katelyn & Tim

  • Published January 29th, 2016 by Al Behnke

There's something infectious about couples that love letting loose on their wedding day. We photographed Katelyn and Tim's wedding at CD & Me in Frankfort (shameless plug :) and they weren't shy about trying something a little different when it came time to doing wedding party portraits.

The thing about wedding parties is that, as much as the day is about the couple getting married, there's a reason that they chose certain people to stand up at the altar with them while they committed themselves to each other. These are their nearest and dearest in terms of friends and family and sometimes it can be difficult to tell individual stories within a big group shot. We weren't trying to reinvent the wheel by spacing each couple out (including the ushers, flower girl, and ringbearer), but we wanted to give each member of the party their own identity. Plus, when you have really pretty surroundings, why bunch everyone together?

Remember, when you're looking at wedding party photo ideas for your upcoming wedding, don't be afraid to go a tad against the grain. Sometimes you can get a completely different look and story by creating mini-groupings inside of a single frame. Plus, its a cool way to give everyone in your party a little piece of the spotlight on your big day.